What is DISCO?

Sorry to disappoint, but DISCO has nothing to do with a genre of dance music containing elements of funk and soul. ’Disco’ is a Latin verb, meaning ‘to learn’ or 'discover'.

Our DISCO is a place to discover and act on information, or find and use content from a vast array of global sources. It's the content you need, without the irrelevant or mediocre material that often floods the market.

DISCO is a...

Content Marketplace
DISCO is an innovative and revolutionary digital content marketplace, where buyers can access, search for and acquire an instant license, to use, or republish premium content, all fully rights-cleared. DISCO combines proprietary technology and world-class journalism. Our services are essential to publishers, broadcasters and brands who are hungry for trustworthy, multi-lingual content, that generates audiences and drives revenue.
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DISCO is a database product, comprising premium licensed content from Africa, Middle East, South Asia and beyond, suitable for analysts, consultancies, researchers, information professionals, media monitoring companies, procurement specialists and academic professionals, accessed via a subscription, or on a pay-per-view (PPV) basis. 
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Content Studio
DISCO is also a virtual content studio, where anyone can tap into the carefully curated network and commission
high quality journalists and content creators for their exclusive, original and bespoke content needs. 
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DISCO is owned and operated by SyndiGate Media Inc. (www.syndigate.info)