Pricing & Buying Models

The DISCO Content Marketplace platform is free to access for approved content buyers.

For each licensed content service enabled within a DISCO account, we support three buying models for our B2B clients including:

Pay-Per-Use - a fixed fee for individual content items, or hours of programming

Discounted Content Package - a set number of content items from a content service for a discounted fee

Monthly License Fee - a fixed fee, suited for high volume, regular use of a specific content service

Bundled Content Package - a fixed fee, suited for regular use of multiple content services

DISCO’s users get to choose which buying model best suits their needs for each content service enabled.

The prices displayed within DISCO are controlled and set by the individual licensed content providers and rights holders. 
DISCO has been designed to streamline your editorial process, plus make it fast and easy for you to find and buy the content you need, with the rights you need.