Pricing & Buying Models


The DISCO Content Marketplace platform is free to access for approved content buyers. 

With multiple buying models available, users can license content from within the platform in a manner which best suits their budget, business model, or editorial strategy. 


Pay-Per-Use   Monthly Subscription   Discounted Content Package   Bundled Content Package


A fixed fee for individual content items, or hours of programming.

For buyers with a less frequent publishing schedule, or those looking for irregular premium content pieces, DISCO’s Pay-Per-Use buying model is an ideal solution for licensing content in any format. 

Prices per content item vary depending on content provider and rights required.

Monthly Subscription

A fixed licensing fee, suited for high volume, regular use of a specific content service.

In cases where a DISCO user wishes to regularly license content from a specific content provider, a monthly license fee with a specified number of articles or videos available for re-use is a cost-effective solution. 

Users can subscribe to multiple content providers with set monthly fees and daily/monthly usage restrictions to best suit their licensed content needs. 

Discounted Content Package

A set number of content items from a single content service, to be used at any time, for a discounted fee.

Users wishing to re-use content from specific providers without a monthly license fee can benefit from purchasing a Discounted Content Package.

Ideal for users who have tested content on a PPU basis and wish to license a larger volume in a more cost-effective manner. 

Bundled Content Package

A fixed fee, suited for regular use of multiple content services.

DISCO’s affordable Bundled Content Packages allow users to license and re-use articles for a set monthly fee, from content providers who have agreed to participate in this model.

Both full feed and topic-specific packages are available:

Full Feed: Access all articles published from a vast array of content providers.

Topic-Specific: Access articles from niche publications, as well as topic-specific feeds from multi-channel publishers and other content providers.


Thousands of content sources to select from

75 credits /mo ($650 /mo)


$8.67 per credit

One month cancellation notice

150 credits /mo ($1,150 /mo)


$7.67 per credit

Activate additional sources on other buying models

300 credits /mo ($1,950 /mo)


$6.50 per credit

25% OFF

600 credits /mo ($3,500 /mo)


$5.84 per credit

on the first month for first-time buyers 

900 credits /mo ($4,950 /mo)


$5.00 per credit


Bundled Content Packages: Additional Points
  • Any article or video overages in excess of the package will be billed at the standard Pay-Per-Use (PPU) price for each content item downloaded and re-used.

  • Not all content providers offered by DISCO participate in the Bundled News Provider Packages. Speak to your account manager or the DISCO content curation team for more information.

  • The standard for a News & Newswires Bundled Content Package is a daily usage restriction of x3 stories/articles for each content source. However, this capping limit may increase depending on the content provider.

  • It is the responsibility of the buyer to secure the rights to images. DISCO Content Marketplace offers various options for image licensing from multiple image sources.