Content Providers

DISCO’s licensed content providers range from individual creators of unique user-generated content (UGC) to highly reputable and large-scale international broadcasters, producers and publishers. 

Content formats DISCO currently considers for licensing include:

Analysis, Animations (Movies & TV Shows), Blogs, Broadcast News & Content, Comics, Documentary, Editorial Cartoons, Feature Articles, Games & Puzzles, Graphics, Illustrations, Infographics, Interviews, Lists & Top Charts, Live Sports Scores, Live Ticker, Movies (Features), Music (Stock), Music (Tracks), News & Newswires, Opinion & Columnists, Photos & Images (Creative), Photos & Images (Editorial), Photos & Images (Film & TV Stills), Photos & Images (Picture Features), Podcast, Radio Show, Recipes, Reviews, Short Films, Slideshow Stories (Editorial), Sports Fixtures/Results/Standings, TV Show, UGC Images, UGC Videos, Vectors, Video (Creative), Video (Graphics), Video (Raw Footage), Video (Social & Viral), Video (Web-Ready Editorial Clips), Weather Content.

Content providers who license their pre-existing content for inclusion within the DISCO Database, or the Content Marketplace, can benefit from the following:

In addition to licensing third party content, DISCO also works with high quality journalists and content creators for exclusive, original and bespoke content. See the Content Studio page for more information. 

Content providers interested in licensing their content to DISCO, please contact:

Mark Gatty Saunt
Director, Content Sales & Licensing, SyndiGate™