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How to get the best licensed content

By: Kane Hippisley-Gatherum

Posted on 03 October, 2018

How to get the best licensed content

There is no shortage of content online and on our newsstands, but there is a real lack of quality content. It is not uncommon to find publications and brands around the world publishing low quality content just to increase their output, populate their content hub or magazine, or share on social media. 

Bad quality content on your publication comes from one of two places: Bad writers, or bad sources.

The first of these can be handled by making sure you hire only experienced marketing copywriters or journalists, depending on whether you are a brand or a publication. Alternatively, making use of the services of a content marketing agency such as SyndiGate will ensure that your original content is of the highest-quality, SEO-optimised, and fits your editorial voice. 

The second issue, bad sources, can be a little trickier to solve. Licensing third-party content can be a tricky task if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you might find yourself stuck in agreements with content providers who are not matching your quality standards. 

This is where a content marketplace comes in.

A content marketplace, such as DISCO Content Marketplace, allows users to browse through a vast database of content from hand-curated sources, each vetted to ensure they match quality standards. Acquiring quality content is simple, and cost effective.

The key benefits to using a platform such as DISCO Content Marketplace include:

  • The ability to license individual pieces of content from a variety of sources on a pay-per-use or subscription basis.
  • A quality guarantee: knowing that each content source available to you has been hand selected by content curation experts.
  • Access diverse range of content formats, including text, visual, and audio content.
  • Avoiding the need to negotiate contracts with multiple content providers, and running the risk of being provided with low-quality content.

For brands and publishers around the world, it is imperative that the process of licensing third-party content is simple and reliable. In order to get the best quality licensed content, the use of a content marketplace is highly recommended. 

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