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Clickbait visuals: Compelling and Strategic

By: Shah Raju

Posted on 11 December, 2018

Clickbait visuals: Compelling and Strategic

Xerox—and they should know— found that visuals with colour increase people’s readiness to read a piece of content by 80 percent. Well, Xerox would say that but so did the company formerly known as The Haloid Photographic Company.

Let’s consult Hubspot: picking the right colour pallette boosts conversions by 21 percent. And that’s been through A/B testing.

As Head of Content at SyndiGate I work with many brands on their content marketing programs and without a doubt consumption of content, especially on mobile devices, is increasing day by day. Don’t believe me? Ask this guy. Would that face lie to you?

Thus, developing custom visuals seems a no-brainer for a brand, publisher or marketer. However, and this is important, it’s imperative to be strategic about your design medium and your CTAs (call-to-action) within the visual element.

And with that in mind I asked SyndiGate’s crack team of designers that work on brand storytelling campaigns to provide an overview of the most compelling visual content formats.

They told me they’re busy. So I consulted DISCO’s Sales Director instead.

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Simple, steady and still popular the infographic isn’t going anywhere. A powerful infographic is an easy format to create, or license, that can quickly engage a viewer and deliver data-heavy information in a form that makes it easier to consume over the written word. Attention spans and all that. Inject it with your brand’s personality and prove your expertise across different target verticals.

Animated Images/GIFs

Animation and GIFs are perfect for social sharing. When you have the right image – simple with solid backgrounds – they’re perfect to break up a static page and offer visual intrigue. Furthermore GIFs, beyond supplying motion into imagery, are impactful and perfect when you don’t have the bandwidth to create original videos.

Micro Graphics

Mini-graphics can be easily repurposed into social media assets. And we know how important social media is. Cost effective and the perfect driver of higher social engagement – yes they’re great. Long reads get deeper scroll depth when text is broken up by colourful, eye-catching graphics.

Interactive Experiences

Combining video footage, animation and interactivity brings a simple, text-heavy story to life. You can link out to longer reads and align with CTAs to send viewers deeper into your website. Many brands, or news stories, have layers of data and information and providing an interactive experience to your audience delivers a much more engaging experience.

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