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Licensed content is more than just republishing articles

By: Shah Raju

Posted on 10 October, 2018

Licensed content is more than just republishing articles

Licensed content (also known as syndicated content) provides brands, publishers, and content marketers with a number of benefits. The owner (licensor) maintains legal ownership, however through platforms such as DISCO content Marketplace they allow the licensee to purchase a licence to allow the republishing of the full article, cartoon, image, graphic or whatever the content format might be. A purchased licence will state where the content is allowed to appear, the duration of time it can appear on such channels and what promotion/distribution is allowed.

Licensed content is an easy and cost-efficient way to publish a large volume of content at scale especially when a brand, publisher or marketer is ramping up production on a new program or launching a new content vertical.

Brands and Marketers

For brands licensed content enables participation in timely conversations that a publisher may use newswires or staff writers for. The majority of content programs run by marketers are not set up like newsrooms, they simply aren’t staffed to cover or respond to breaking news. Licensed content affords marketers the possibility to utilise this content and therefore be part of conversations trending on social media.

Testing content

Licensed content is the most cost-effective and risk averse way to test content verticals and topics to try on your readership. Without spending too much time hiring new writers or putting together a desk team to commission original pieces, licensed content allows opportunity to trial genres that otherwise your publication may not.

Know your license

Remember that if you are using licensed content, a lot of licenses will allow for social media distribution. With a platform such as DISCO, when purchasing the license you will be given a checklist of areas you can purchase the license for. You’ll also be given advice on any other rights made available and also advice on attribution, and best ways to utilise the content, such as carrying a canonical link to the original article.

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