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How to write a press release

By: Shah Raju

Posted on 21 April, 2019

How to write a press release

Start with the basics and get yourself a headline and a subject line.

Opening sentence.

Body copy.

And end with the contact information.

Great. Got it. Good.


What is a press release?

Press releases are formulaic by nature, but so is some of the best poetry out there, tweets too, columns follow a simple formula and other forms of written communication too. Following a formula shouldn’t be reason not to season your sentences.

First, press releases are not features. They are not informal pitches. They are official announcements regarding something new or significant about the subject of the press release be it a new product, business results forecasts, new hires to announce, a speaking event, winning an award (if your content strategist can be bothered to post about it on social that’s an added bonus) or something of that nature.

A press release should promote your business, archive of important data for use in the future, and crucially provides an opportunity to connect to the audiences you care about – including, but not limited to, pesky reporters.


Zaha Hadid

Just as you would any formal document, it’s important to follow the specific structure set for a press release. Journalists, bloggers, vloggers, social media gurus, and whoever is on your email list to whom you send out a press release is used to seeing a particular structure and it’s important to keep that in mind and not go too funky so as to lose them and therefore lose your chance to get your important announcement out there.

With a DISCO Content Marketplace account you can view a huge archive of press releases from Al Bawaba or alternatively follow the simple formula below:

1)     Letterhead

2)     Date

3)     Creative and catchy headline – use action verbs. Media outlets and your mailing list get dozens of reports a day so take your time in making one that stands out and the best way to do that is by writing a compelling headline. Keep it to one line to focus people’s attention to topline message.

4)     Introduction – include your association, location and a brief synopsis of the story.

5)     Supporting paragraph(s) – explain what the press release is about and why it is so important. Provide details. Be succinct. Use a quote. No, don’t Google an inspiring quote instead get a key figure within the organisation to shape the narrative and emphasise the core of the announcement by offering a simple, compelling comment.

6)     CTAs – if you want your audience to take action after reading the press release then include a CTA.

7)     Summary

8)     Boilerplate – describe what your company does in clear, plain, simple English and include a link to your company’s homepage early on and make sure your boilerplate is straightforward.

9)     Media contact information – a note about what they can be reached for wouldn’t go remiss. Why send big asset files when the reader can reach out and engage with your communications lead or at the very least just give them a link to download assets from.


Subject headline

Like any email, the subject line is ridiculously important. If your subject line isn’t good, your email won’t be opened. I get anything up to a hundred emails a day. I know reporters that get five times that. You need a punchy subject line to get over that first hurdle of escaping the wrath of the delete button and ending up in the ignominious bottomless pit of the trash.


How to publish your press release

Al Bawaba Business gives you access and reach to opinion leaders, influencers from around the Middle East and abroad and allows your organisation to deliver your message to newsrooms, journalists, bloggers, social media networks, global information databases and even more distribution channels.

DISCO Content Marketplace is also the ideal channel to publish your press release where publishers, broadcasters, brands and agencies who are hungry for trustworthy content come to get all the content they want, with the usage rights they need cleared, all from one single platform.

Learn more about how SyndiGate Content Studio goes about writing press releases for our clients then get in touch.

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