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3 examples of great content marketing in Dubai

By: Kane Hippisley-Gatherum

Posted on 20 November, 2018

3 examples of great content marketing in Dubai

Content marketing experts and blogs sing the praises of content programs such as those of John Deere (The Furrow), Marriott (Traveler), and LEGO (Life Magazine and, of course, the LEGO movies). The praise heaped on them is entirely justified, as all are fantastic examples of great content marketing which engages its audience, informs or entertains, and ultimately drives revenue.

But what about content marketing in Dubai? Are there are any great examples of local brands using content to reach their audiences here in the business-savvy and enterprising emirate?

Yes, of course:

1 - by Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD is a hugely successful bank in Dubai, dominating a large share of the local market with billions in assets and thousands of employees. In order to engage with and educate its customers and clients, the bank launched Worthy, a content hub which not only provides educational articles on financial literacy, but fun content about travel, wellbeing, and community.

For ENBD, it’s important that its clients are not only aware of the bank’s latest products and services, but also have a good understanding of how to manage their finances, save money, and enjoy life in Dubai.

Some recent examples of great content:

2 - Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates is home to countless shopping brands, restaurants and cafes, and entertainment offerings (not to mention its own indoor ski slope). As far as malls go, MOE is truly world class.

But there is, of course, competition between the numerous malls in Dubai. The world’s largest mall, Dubai Mall, is just up the road, as is the historically-inspired Ibn Battuta mall.

Keeping the millions of shoppers in Dubai aware of the latest deals and trends on offer at Mall of Emirates, the MOE content hub puts out regular content to inspire, entertain, and inform its readers.

Some recent examples of great content:

3 - Dubai Calendar by DTCM

With millions of tourists visiting Dubai every year, it is little wonder that Dubai Tourism puts a lot of effort into its content marketing efforts. is one of the world’s leading city websites, offering a variety of content for those visiting Dubai for pleasure or business (and this content is also very useful for existing residents looking to know what’s going on in the city!).

Dubai Calendar creates content around upcoming events, raising awareness of what Dubai has to offer its visitors and residents. This content is made available in multiple languages for visitors all over the world. 

Some recent examples of great content:

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